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Comfort food for your feet: Carpet flooring

There are some days where comfort food is the only right answer to taking away our stress. For some it is Maryland steamed crabs, for others, it is a Berger’s cookie; whatever it is for you, it is nice to have on hand when you need it. Carpeting is much the same way. After being on your feet all day, there are few better things than to kick off your shoes and sink your feet in a nice, soft rug. Do we have your attention? Then keep reading.

Carpet styles and colors to meet your every need

Indeed, comfort is not the only factor that needs to be considered when designing a room. Colors, textures, and styles are all chosen to create a certain mood and feel to any living space. Some carpet floors are more formal and others are intentionally casual spaces. Some cry out for bold, bright colors, others require something more subtle. In every instance, this flooring rises to meet the need.

Not only does this floor come in many colors, but it also has many styles and textures. There are velvety saxonies that provide a very formal look to a room. There are cut-pile twists, which are your most common “fuzzy” carpet look. Another type of twist is a frieze, which is much like a twist, but whose fibers have been twisted extra-tight. This creates a highly textured look and increases the durability of the floor significantly. We offer Berbers, which has a loop pile like a commercial rug, but whose loops are taller to give a softer look. And, for those looking to add a level of class to the floor, there are patterned rugs as well.

Don’t neglect a quality carpet pad

Having the right kind of pad for your carpet floors makes all of the difference in the world. Not only does padding add softness underfoot, but it also adds support to your flooring, adding years of wear and it provides a layer of insulation from the cold sub-floor below. A great pad can make even an average rug feel like a million dollars.

Carpet installation in Rockville, MD

We take pride in the installers who work for us because they take pride in their work. The end goal is that you are satisfied with everything from your choice of carpet to its final installation in your home. Our installers will ensure a tight, neat installation, making your new floor look its best.

We, at Carpet & Floor Express, are your carpet flooring retailer in Rockville, MD and the surrounding areas of Rockville, MD, Potomac, MD, Bethesda, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Fairfax, VA, Arlington, VA, && Tysons, VA. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; our knowledgeable sales staff will be delighted to show you the many options that are available to you.