What’s the most kid-friendly flooring?

What’s the most kid-friendly flooring?

From safety to stain resistance and high durability, these come to mind as the top choices for flooring that's best for homes with kids because these floors take a lot of punishment. So when you come into our flooring company, we’ll help you select the just-right flooring for your home with kids.

Carpet is not off the table for kids

Through technological innovations, today's carpets come in kid-and-pet friendly, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly versions. It's also been proven to be one of the lowest emitters of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), toxic gasses that create havoc on health.

As for stain resistance, one of our brands, Mohawk's SmartStrand collection, was first tested in a rhinoceros cage and at a child's party where there was ketchup, mustard, chocolate cake, and more to spill. It came to the market only after it was proven to withstand intense punishment.

Carpet also provides traction so kids can run and slow down when needed with cushioning to soften falls. The carpet's noise insulation abilities keep things quiet while baby and kids sleep.

Other top choices include

  • Luxury vinyl flooring: Although technically a hard surface, any vinyl is warmer, softer, and more resilient. This 100% waterproof, affordable and ultra-durable product has a high-end style that makes it suitable for installation in any room in the house, from the kitchen and bath to the living/dining space, hallways, bedrooms, and more.

  • Laminate: This affordable alternative to wood and stone is durable, water-resistant, and now comes in a waterproof version.

  • Hardwood flooring. Many prefer wood, not only for the elegance and warm charm but also because it's all-natural. Trees, even when cut, are known for their ability to increase oxygen. Hardwood is also easier to clean and won't harbor mold, dust, dirt, animal dander, or anything else that can exacerbate allergies.

At our flooring store in Rockville, MD

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