What color carpet pairs well with hardwood flooring?

Choosing a floor covering to match your hardwood might seem like a tough decision, which we will consider in today's post. Follow along to get some ideas about which colors you need and what they will mean for you. 

A great floor covering is available to match your hardwood 

One of the best rules of carpet and hardwood matching is to use contrasting visuals. For instance, if you have dark hardwood, light-colored carpeting is always an excellent choice, and darker rugs blend well with light-colored wood flooring. More specifically, for dark hardwood, choose rugs in orange, lavender, light blue, beige, and white. If you select a light-colored wood, opt for deep purple, forest green, dark blue, and red. 

Dark colors make spaces seem smaller and cozier, which works well in open and airy areas. In the same way, light colors can open up small rooms to make them appear larger and roomier. 

When colors contrast one another, the color that covers the larger space can often control the ambiance and feel of the room. For more information about your color options, be sure to visit us today. 

Choose a carpet store you can count on 

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